Introducing $ZEST!

Art made by our Discord user kai#8470

Fresh new look!

Juiced’s current UI consists of a series of simple, straight-forward boxes with our Cartons in the middle, over a dark background. Bland, but it gets the job done and we were able to get users onboarded quickly to start testing with us. But we’ve also been working behind the scenes to upgrade our website so it is in line with our brand identity. We envision Juiced to be an inclusive and open brand that is approachable, down-to-earth and fun where all users, irrespective of trading experience, can participate and earn rewards accordingly.

Juiced Alpha V2 new UI update in light mode
Juiced Alpha V2 new UI update in dark mode


After the launch of our much awaited V2, and as we pore over the data collected over the past month, it’s time to introduce our very own native token, $ZEST, its many use-cases, along with our new, updated UI.



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Juiced is an interest-rate arbitrage pool using delta neutral positions to earn the best yields, working on Solana.